Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Letter to Intolerance

I need to take a quick break from my story, and post a letter I wrote after reading some rather hate-filled comments surrounding the issue of homosexuality. If anyone would like to have an honest, open, love-filled discussion with me, no matter what side of the issue you are on, I welcome your emails:

I love you all - especially those who will not show me the same courtesy.

And now, the letter:

Dear Intolerance,

It is with a rather heavy heart that I write to you today. I don’t think you know how much I hurt in hope that one day you will do nothing more than understand. I’ve seen you often, with your sharp claws exposed as love and gentleness fall prey in all of those whose lives you consume. There are most who have the ability to let your temper roll off them when they see you, but what about the child you infect and destroy? Will you not think of him? Is he not the seed of Godhood? Does he do no good in your eyes?

Is it not enough to know that a child such as this already must conquer fear and doubt? A war wages within the child between who he is and who you want him to be that must end in resolution within him, not within you. You have no resolution. You are the opposite of love. You are fear.

But think not of the child dear Intolerance. Destroy him instead. You think this will silence the child, but the war wages on. You know nothing of the child or the war. You were spared service in such a battle. Is it God that gives you such knowledge to win a war you’ve never had to fight?

Then pray-tell, oh Intolerance, if you are so mighty and high, what would you have the child do to silence the rebellion? Can you even tell him which side is rebelling? Do you not suppose he has already approached his Creator in hopes of angels aiding him on his quest? Do you not suppose he has not done all that you have asked of him already? Would it surprise you to know the battle continues to rage in spite of your uninformative and ill-created suggestions?

Yes. It is up to the darling child to find the enemy and destroy it. Will you not give him a quiet place where he can retreat in love and warmth to do so?

I know you were born with large claws and a disposition to use them, but when you act on such a disposition you anger the very God you claim to know, condemning us all to Hell.


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Mixed said...

I just began reading your blog and started from your first post (I usually do with gay Mormon blogs since that's where they usually pour their initial feelings out about being SSA/gay and Mormon) and only have gotten this far so far, have been reading straight thru. It is so epic (yes, that's the right word) to see another person's greatest life challenges bared out on the page, letting others see into the deepest recess of one's soul. I love this entry. It reminds me of one of my favorite books, "The Book of Qualities," in which personal qualities are personified. The author is J. Ruth Gendler. You would like it. My mission president was the first person I ever came out to, too. I keep telling myself I'll start my own blog and personal story but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to stop writing! I look forward to reading on!