Monday, August 30, 2010

Sometimes Life Just SUCKS!

It’s been a stressful month.

Remember when I went in for that physical, and had the doctor diagnose me with paratrachial melanoma, which actually just turned out to be my backwards facing aorta? Well I finally have finished paying off the CT scan.

And unfortunately, just after the CT scan was completed, I broke my foot (this was a few months ago) skating. Stress fracture. Another x-ray.

My insurance decided not to cover any of it (I knew they weren’t going to cover the CT), and it turns out my out of pocket max isn’t satisfied until AFTER the deductible is spent… which means I’m responsible for about 7000 dollars every year on my own before my insurance kicks in to cover anything (needless to say, I’m switching insurance companies this year. My “high deductible” insurance plan doesn’t even qualify for a Health Savings Account! WTF?).

Anyway… long story short, I have found myself in a place where my credit cards are maxed out, my savings is gone, and I have no safety cushion – which is a place I’ve never been in before, and I think that’s pretty scary.

What's a responsible guy like me to do?: I listed my BMW for sale :(.

After looking at all my bills and deciding where I could get the quickest amount of money every month, I really could do without a 400 dollar car payment, especially because I could lease a brand new car for almost half the price (with a full warranty and free maintenance for the life of the lease). I decided the disposable income was probably worth the loss of the car, and after crunching the numbers, found that not only would I be able to pay off my credit cards after a 3 year lease, but also be able to put together the down payment I would most likely need to get a brand new BMW – and that is assuming my income doesn’t change over the next three years.

So that sounded awesome. In two days I got a call on my car, and very shortly thereafter had a signed bill of sale.

So that night I went and leased a new car. After six hours of negotiating, and searching the entire western United States for what I wanted, I became the proud owner of a brand new Mazda 3 Hatchback…

Maybe that was stupid. Two hours before the guy was supposed to bring me the check for the BMW, he pulled out of the deal and asked me to drop the price of the car 2000 dollars – which I just couldn’t do (and the car is certainly worth more than that).

So now, instead of having cut my payment in half, I have two car payments totaling 1.5 times the original amount.

Luckily, I have an amazing partner, and after working some budgeting magic, we decided to take the money we get for managing the condo complex we live in to pay the lease – thus enabling us to make it all work until I can get the BMW sold.

Sadly, no more calls on the car yet :(. Any gay boys out there wanting instant prestige? I'm willing to sell mine off to the highets bidder. I'm talking about the car, of course. Haha.

Why is it so impossible to get ahead in life?

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